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The Randolph Caldecott Memorial,
St Paul's Cathedral, London

Click here for larger photo of R C MemorialThe inscription reads: "An artist whose sweet and dainty grace has not been in its kind surpassed:  whose humour was as quaint as it was inexhaustible."

It is possible that the head dress was not part of the original design.  We have heard that the sculptor originally intended a simple head-scarf, but that Randolph's widow, Marian, wanted this more elaborate head-dress.  She evidently accompanied Randolph on at least one trip to Brittany (see the illustration with her in a Breton folk dance: click here).  But if you compare the picture of the Memorial on this page with the 1896 drawing of it on our Memorials page, it seems clear that the present head dress was in place at the time of that drawing.  We think that this type of head dress was worn by penitents in religious processions in 19th-Century Brittany.  As part of the 2002-3 restoration process, further expert advice was sought.

The Memorial was cleaned in November 2002: an unsightly coating of linseed oil was removed from its surface.  For the Reports before, during and after restoration work, click on "Restoration" below.

(The R C Soc UK is grateful to Suzie Wright, Conservator, St Paul's Cathedral, for supplying this photo, taken in about Jan 2001, before restoration work began.)

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