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Randolph Caldecott Soc UK: Website History

Record of additions, improvements & alterations to site since April 2001.

Buying or selling Caldecott's works, with one of his Cartoons: click here (More prices added 30.11.04 & 31.5.04; prices of 2 French editions added, 28.4.04; other dealers added 13.11 & 29.10.03; more prices added 29.10, 17.5, 8.5, 19.2, 27.1 & 2.1.03 & 28.11.02, another booksearch and another price added 5.9.02);
Dealers in USA (added 12.3.2003);
"Memorabilia" added, 19.2.2003;
Randolph's Grave: in response to a Search enquiry, we have added the address, a link to a map and directions to get there.  To see these, click here (9.11.04);
Our Privacy Policy: click here (page re-located 8.11.04; new page 5.6.04);
Antiquarian Book Fairs: free admission for R C Soc members: click here (2.11.04);
St. Bride Printing Institute and Library, London: info on their R C printing blocks & Edmund Evans Collection: click here (4.11.04);
Caldecott Foundation: more about their Founder, Leila Rendel (2.11.04); their website & other contact details updated, click here (31.8.04);
The Caldecott Collection Trust (click here; latest update, 4.11.04) and extracts from its draft Trust Deed (click here) (new pages 10.6.04);
Editions: how to tell when a Picture Book was published: click here(updated, 19.10.04; more info added, 31.5 & 19.4.04; with many pictures, 25.11.03; new page, 13.11.03);
Leaflet about the Society, updated and now in PDF format: click here (27.9.04);
Postcards: an alternative, slightly different, estimate of the date of first issue: click here (20 & 10.9.04);
New Biography of Randolph Caldecott by Claudette Hegel: click here (7.9.04);
Pictures of our March 2004 meeting, incl. NEWI Prize entries, Chester Cathedral and Chester Library: click here  (Detail of joint winning entry added 16.8.04; new page, 29.3.04);
"Horse Fair in Brittany" sculpture: illustration added to new page here (added 9.8.2004);
Caldecott Family Tree Online: 64 records from our paper Family Tree are now available online; for details, click here (many more records added, 5.7.04; improved with downloadable GED file, 3.6.04; new pages, 22.4.04);
Gilpin Chased (one of the only 2 page illustrations in the 16 Picture Books): click here (added 5.7.04);
And the Great Panjandrum himself... (2 illustrations): click here and here (added 5.7.04);
Promenading in Brighton, 1879 (from the Graphic): click here (added 30.6.04);
Two classic Victorian Greeting Card pictures: the coaches returning from Diana Wood's Wedding and Mr. Oakball's Stag Party, click here (added 16.6.04; note that our "christmas.htm" page has been renamed "greeting.htm");
1977 Exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery; sculpted cat's rare appearance at it; and Randolph's decorative panels for Mr Renshaw's house in Buxton, Derbyshire: click here (added 11.6.04);
The Farmer's Boy: a picture erroneously attributed on this site to another book has been restored to its rightful place: click here (corrected 31.5.04);
Tiles illustrated by Randolph Caldecott: click here (new page, 26.5.2004);
Sing a Song for Sixpence: two pictures added to "Nursery Rhymes" page, click here (added 25.5.04);
Punch:  nine of Randolph's 13 drawings for this famous British satirical magazine; click here, here and here(5 more added on 2 new pages, 28.4 & 18.3.04;  2 more added, 12.3.04;  new page, 27.2.04);
National Register of Archives (part of Historical Manuscripts Commission): records re Randolph, click here (added 7.4.04);
Brittany Tour: cancellation: click here(Updated 31.3.04;  New page added 14.11.03);
"Chelsfield Chronicles" book by Geoffrey Copus: click here (added 29.3.04);
Special offer to members: "Sing a Song for Sixpence" by Brian Alderson, GB£14 inc UK P&P: for details, click here (added 25.3.04);
Editions of Blackburn's biography: click here(Description on "More" page, 28.3.04;  New page, 18.3.04);
Shocklach, Cheshire:  info about Caldecott family gravestones plus Randolph's picture of one of them; click here.   (Added 18.3.04);
Afghan War Medal: supplementary info about silver and bronze versions; click here(Added 18.3.04;  text amended as the result of expert comment, 17.5.03);
Harrogate 2002:  several photos of exhibits at this event; click here.   (Added 13 & 12.3.04);
Cat: comparison of Randolph's sculpted cat with picture in "the House that Jack Built": click here(New page, 26.2.04);
Miscellaneous Links: a new subsection at the foot of our "Links" page.   (Added 11.2.04);
Ride a Cock Horse etc, Everyman edition, on sale at GB£4.99 + P&P: click here(Added 29.11.03);
Beatrix Potter and the Warnes - and how this shows which books were published before or after 1917: click here (added 21.11.03);
Breton Folk: more pictures from the book: click here and here(Added 14.11.03);
"Copying Caldecott": link to online version of excellent Caldecott/Beatrix Potter Exhibition held at V&A, London, Jan-Apl 03: for details, click here or here(Added 14.11.03);
More about Caldecott Postcards: click here(Added 13.11.03);
Several Caldecott items were (at 3 Nov 03) on offer to visitors to this site or being sold via ebay: click here.
Catalogue of Caldecott items in the British Museum, London: click here(Added 31.10.03);
Catalogue of Caldecott items in the Renier Collection at the V&A: click here(Added 30.10.03);
"For Sale" page (up to date at 28 Oct 03 but we can't keep it so);
Bronze Monkey puzzle: we now have pictures of two versions of this sculpture and details of several websites about it: click here.  Is it by Caldecott? (updated 17.10.03);
Aesop's Fables book: click here (added 9.10.03) and sample Fable: click here (added 14.10.03);
Some more links to Libraries and other relevant public collections: click here (added 17.10.03);
More on Randolph's brother Alfred, who collaborated with him on Aesop's Fables: click here (added 10.10.03);
Children's History Book Society: for URL with more info, click here (added 10.10.03);
Kate Greenaway Medal (UK equivalent of USA's Caldecott Medal): for URLs with more info, click here (added 10.10.03);
Pictures from our AGM in Chester, Oct 03: click here (added 9.10.03);
Caldecott's house in London, and its blue Plaque: new photos: click here (added 24.9.03);
Info on two books about the evolution of Illustrated Children's Books, with our reviewer's views on them: click here (added 24.9.03);
Two new links to websites useful to researchers into Illustrated Children's Books (added 16.9.03);
Our visit to Kent, June 03: more photos (added 23 & 16.9.03);
What countries visit this site?  See bottom of this page, or click here (added 22.7.03);
Randolph Caldecott Prize (UK), and 2003 Prizewinner: click here (added 22.7.03);
Restoration of the Caldecott Memorial in St. Paul's Cathedral, London: the Conservator's Report, with 12 pictures.  Click here  (added 31.1.03);
New pages about Postcards of colour pictures from Randolph's Picture Books, including 2 Tables listing their titles : click here (updated 9.5, 1.5 & 22.3.2003);
New book of Randolph's works, "Ride-a-Cock-Horse and other stories"
for details, click here (added 22.3.2003)
How to find Caldecott in Newsgroups: click here (added 12.3.2003);
More about Randolph's Sculptures, especially bas reliefs: click here (updated 26.2.2003);
Beatrix Potter: new link to an interesting Trail about her, click here (added 26.2.2003);
More about the Caldecott Medal,  in answer to a question to us: click here (updated 26.2.2003);
Forthcoming visits to places connected with Randolph Caldecott: click here (updated 19.2.2003);
The Milkmaid: 3 illustrations which were reproduced on postcards: click here (added 26.2.2003);  
picture of front cover of the 1882 edition, click here (added 26.8.2002);
Restoration of the Caldecott Memorial in St. Paul's Cathedral, London: the Conservator's Report, with 12 pictures.  Click here  (added 31.1.2003);
"The Randolph Caldecott Treasury": info about this useful reference book on Randolph.  Click here (added 4.12.2002).
New Membership fees, agreed at our AGM in Harrogate, Oct 2002: click here or scroll lower down this page;
Harrogate: one of Randolph's "Graphic" pictures, in honour of the Society's recent visit there, plus pictures from the Society's visit (added 28.11.2002);
More additions to the Family Tree (added 14.10.2002);
All links to RC Soc USA pages updated (14.10 & 22.1.2002);
Caldecott Foundation website URL changed (9.10.2002);
Link to, and info about, new genealogy site (added 4.10.2002);
The Great Panjandrum: info about this, and link to text, click here (added 6.9.2002);
Gilpin's Ride and Jackanapes: link to site with info and sample pictures from these (added 26.8.2002);
Caldecott and Chelsfield, Kent: full text of lecture given at AGM 1996 as a downloadable file, click here (added 12.8.2002);
Lob Lie-by-the-Fire: link to full text of story with Randolph's pictures, click here (added 23.8.2002);
Downloadable FREE Leaflet about Randolph and the Society: click here (added 12.8.2002);
New About Us page added: click here (added 12.8.2002);
Three Jovial Huntsmen: pictures from both editions of Randolph's book, and origins of the rhyme: click here (added 19.6.2002);
Friends and Contemporaries who knew or were influenced by Randolph: click here (pages added 19.6.2002, but waiting for more info);
Mr Oakball, "deeply interested in the copying of a picture": improved, here (updated 10.4.2002);
Randolph's first published picture, of a spectacular fire: click here (added 28.3.2002);
Picture from "Breton Folk" believed to include Randolph's wife Marian: click here (added 28.3.2002);
Front cover of "Yours Pictorially": click here (added 6.3.2002);
Links to several Genealogy and Family History websites: click here (added 6.3.2002);
Marian Caldecott's Book - but which Marian?: click here (updated 15.12.2001) and her Will: click here (added 9.7.2001);
Randolph's self portrait at Aberdeen City Art Gallery: click here (monochrome image replaced by colour one, 6.11.2001; picture originally added 17.4.2001);
Afghan War Medal, Randolph Caldecott's design, 1881: click here (better picture of obverse, 6.11.2001; new page added 13.7.2001);
"Search this Site" facility: click here (further improved 31.10.2001);
Mad Dogs: Caldecott's compared with WWI parody: click here (completed 26.10.2001);
New page about Christmas cards using Caldecott's pictures: click here (added 18.9.2001);
Unpublished Letterhead sketch: click here (added 21.9.2001);
Buying or selling Caldecott's works, with one of his Cartoons: click here (More prices added, 18.9.2001; 2 booksellers added, & more prices added 21 & 15.8.2001; Cartoon added 13.8.2001);
The Caldecott Family Tree, on-screen version, in 4 parts: click here (new page, 11.9.2001; additional page for Corrections: click here (new page, 1.11.2001);
"Princely mansions" cartoon: click here (added 18.9.2001);
North Italian Folk: a sample picture added, click here (added 18.9.2001);
The Owls of Olynn Belfry: sample pictures and a Mystery: click here (new page, 21.8.2001)
link to full text of story: click here (added 27.8.2001)
pictures of 3 Brinds and Chelsfield: click here (added 21.8.2001);
Our own Biography of Caldecott: click the Who button (added 14.8.2001);
Picture of Randolph Caldecott's Grave: click here (added 14.8.2001);
"Search this Site" facility: click here (improved 7.8.2001);
John Gilpin (several pictures from the book), and the Secret of Gilpin's Cat: click here (added 17.7.2001);
More pictures from Randolph's books, inc self-portrait from "The Babes in the Wood" (added 12.7.2001);
Summer Event 2000, visit to Caldecott sites in Cheshire and Shropshire, with picture of The House that Jack Built: click here (added 3.8.2001);
Review of "Randolph Caldecott, the Children's Illustrator" by Marguerite Lewis, and pictures of covers of books about Caldecott: click here (added 12.7.2001);
Link to Peter Rabbit website and its info on Beatrix Potter: click here (added 9.7.2001);
Randolph's pictures of Buxton, and links for more about Buxton: click here (added 17.4.2001);
Two Parodies of Randolph's work (another to follow): click here (added 17.4.2001);
The Caldecott family Motto, Coat of Arms and its Heraldic Description: click here (more added 2.6.2001);
Info about Randolph's wife Marian (née Brind) and her family: click here (added 2.4.2001).
This page was created 26.10.2001.

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