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Restoration of Caldecott Memorial


Thorough dusting of monument using a conservation vacuum cleaner and soft brushes.
Removal of chewing gum.
Removal of white paint splatters using acetone.
Removal of discoloured coating from painted flesh areas of the figure, using 4% triammonium citrate rinsed with deionised water.  This removes the coating at a controlled rate and does not affect the paint below.  Small flecks of the coating remain which cannot be removed without disturbing the original paint layers.  When viewed from a few feet away, the flecks are less visible and the flesh colour appears acceptably uniform.
Removal of discoloured coating from all other areas of the sculpture using a combination of Industrial Methylated Spirit (IMS) and 4% tri-ammonium citrate rinsed with deionised water.  There is a slight staining of the aluminium from the coating, however the appearance is greatly improved with details such as the cuffs now visible.
Removal of discoloured coating from stone using IMS.
Removal of wax build-up in the details of the bronze columns using white spirit, followed by cleaning with tri-ammonium citrate.
 Fig10, Column, Before Conservation  Fig 11, Column, During Conservation  Fig 12, Column, After cleaning


 During Conservation

 After cleaning


Reduction of white residue using de-ionised water and Triton.
Retouching of areas of missing paint on face, hands and toes using Liquitex acrylic paints (raw sienna, burnt umber, yellow oxide, titanium white, cerulean blue) and Finity acrylic paints (cadmium yellow medium and cadmium red medium).
Fig05, Feet, Before Conservation Fig06, Feet, After cleaning Fig07, Feet, After Conservation


After cleaning

After Conservation


Cleaning of headdress using deionised water and Triton.
Waxing of figure using microcrystalline wax.  This will help to protect the sculpture and will enable routine dusting to be carried out by Cathedral cleaning staff without disturbing the original paint surfaces and retouched areas.
Photographs have been taken before, during and after conservation work.


S Wright
Conservator, St. Paul's Cathedral
January 2003

2003 St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England.   Reproduced with permission.

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