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Renier Collection of Historic and Contemporary 
Publications for Children 
(part of the National Art Library at the 
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England)

Supplementary List of those Books by, or about, Randolph Caldecott held in this Collection which ARE NOT YET catalogued in the main Online Database

Key to abbreviations used in the list below
col. Colour
n. d. No Date


1. Locker, Mrs F. What the Blackbird said. 1881.
2. Caldecott, R. Randolph Caldecott's Picture Book. 2. c.1951. / n.d. col./p.
3. Caldecott, R. Randolph Caldecott's Picture Books. 3. c.1951. col./p.
4. The Milkmaid. col./p. reprint, etc.
5. The Fox jumps over the Parson's Gate. col./p.
6. The Queen of Hearts. col./p.
7. Ride a Cock-Horse to Banbury Cross. col./p.
8. Come Lasses and Lads. col./p.
9. Hey Diddle Diddle &c. col./p.
10. The Farmer's Boy. col./p.
11. Goldsmith, O. An Elegy on the Glory of her Sex Mrs Mary Blaize. col./sepia.
12. Sing a song for Sixpence. col./p.
13. The Three Jovial Huntsmen. col./p. reprint.
14. Tennyson, H. Jack and the Beanstalk. 1886.
15. Ewing, J H. Jackanapes. 1884. and various edns.
16. Caldecott, R. Randolph Caldecott's Picture Book. 2.   1886. col./p.
17. The Leisure Hour. 1884.
18. Aunt Judy's Annual Volume. 1884.
19. Foote, S. The Great Panjandrum Himself. c.1916. col./p.
20. Caldecott, R. The Hey Diddle Diddle Picture Book. c .1919. col./sepia.
21. Ewing, J H. Jackanapes; Daddy Darwin's Dovecot; and
22. Caldecott, R. Randolph Caldecott's Last "Graphic" Pictures. 1888. col.
23. Aesop. Some of Aesop's Fables with Modern Instances.   1883.
24. Caldecott, R. Randolph Caldecott's Sketches. 1890.
25. In a Good Cause. 1885. monochrome fr.
26. Irving, W. Old Christmas. 1876.
27. D., A.Y. The Owls of Olynn Belfry.
28. Riddell, C E L. Fairy Waters.
29. Morgan, L. Baron Bruno. 1875.
30. Cowper, W. The Diverting history of John Gilpin. col./sepia.
31. Goldsmith, O. An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog. col./sepia.
32. The House that Jack Built. col./sepia.
33. Irving, W. Bracebridge Ha11. 1877. 1st edn. 2nd edn.
34. Ewing, J H. Lob Lie-by-the-Fire.
35. Ewing, J H. Daddy Darwin's Dovecot. col. fr/sepia.
36. Gatty, H K F. Juliana Horatia Ewing and her Books. 1885.
37. Blackburn, H. Breton Folk.
38. The Babes in the Wood. col./sepia.
39. Aunt Judy's Magazine. 1882.
40. King, A. The House of Warne. 1966. col./p.
41. A Frog he Wou1d a' Wooing Go. col./sepia.
42. Caldecott, R. R. Ca1decott's Collection of Pictures and Stories. col./sepia.
43. Caldecott, R. A Sketch Book of R. Caldecott's. col./p.
44. Caldecott, R. R. Caldecott's Picture Book. 1. col./sepia.
45. Discovering Antiques. Part 77. Jan.1972. col./p.
46. Caldecott, R. R. Caldecott's Picture book. col./monoch.
47. Caldecott, R. R. Caldecott's First Collection of Pictures and Songs.
  c.1922.   col./monoch.
48. Caldecott, R. R. Caldecott's Collection of Pictures and Songs. col./monoch.
49. Baring-Gould, W S. The Annotated Mother Goose. 1967.
50. Caldecott, R. Gleanings from the "Graphic." 1889.
51. Cott, J. ed. Victorian Color Picture Books. 1984. co1/p.
52. Caldecott, R. A First Caldecott Collection.
  The House that Jack Built.
  A Frog he would a-wooing go. col./p
53. Caldecott, R. A Second Caldecott Collection.
  Sing a Song for Sixpence.
  The Three Jovial Huntsmen. col/p.
54. Caldecott, R. A Third Caldecott Collection.
  The Queen of Hearts.
  The Farmer's Boy. col./p.

For other titles relevant to Randolph Caldecott in the National Art Library, see 
and search by Name for "Caldecott, Randolph".

The Randolph Caldecott Society UK is grateful to Emma Laws, Frederick Warne Curator of Children's Literature, who kindly provided this list and gave permission for it to be reproduced here.
Oct 2003 Victoria & Albert Museum.  Not for resale.

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