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The Randolph Caldecott Collection Trust

In order to encourage and maintain interest in Randolph Caldecott, it is essential that as many as possible of his works continue to be readily available to the widest possible public.  That is one reason for this Website.

But we have found that, although many hundreds of Randolph's works are held in major Museums in the UK, many of these are not on public display.  Examples:

The British Museum (for details, click here);
The Victoria & Albert Museum (for details, click here);
When some family members sold important family archives to Worcester City Museum, they disappeared into a store-room, and none of our members have succeeded in obtaining access to them for many years.   (For details, click here).

The Society has therefore decided, as suitable opportunities arise, to buy key examples of Randolph's work and then to place them where they are on public display; if loaned to Museums or other public bodies, it will be a condition of the loan that they remain on public display and must be returned to the Trust if this condition can no longer be fulfilled.  The aim of the Trust is to raise funds and use them for this purpose.

Current situation (17 March 2005): the Trust Deed has been approved by the Charity Commission and the Trust is now Registered Charity No. 1108316.  This enables gifts made to the Trust to be augmented by UK Tax relief such as "Gift Aid".

Our Trustees are:

Brian Ashford
Bob Evers
Gerald Grant
Margaret Tye


It is now obligatory for new Charities to take out Trustees' Liability Indemnity Insurance.  We have sought the cheapest such Insurance possible, but are unable to obtain it for less than GB£200 per year.  This will be a significant drain on our limited funds, and will reduce our ability to buy Randolph's works.

NOT a "Grant Making Trust"

If anyone is thinking of applying to this Trust for a Grant, PLEASE NOTE that the Randolph Caldecott Collection Trust is NOT a "Grant Making Trust".  Its purpose is already stated above, and does not include the making of Grants (unless they are toward the purchase of works by Randolph Caldecott which will then be guaranteed to be publicly displayed.)

Trust Deed

Key extracts from the Trust Deed are reproduced on our "Trust Deed" page: click the relevant button below.  These cover:

Objects of the Trust;
Powers of the Trustees; and
Permanent Endowment.

Up Trust Deed

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