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More Randolph Caldecott cartoons published in "Punch"

"Not such disagreeable weather after all, - some people think."

Those who had been Haymaking are sheltering from the rain - but as 4 couples under 4 umbrellas. (Click to enlarge: 89 kB.)
From Punch, Volume 77, 2nd August 1879, p. 47 (also reproduced in R. Caldecott’s Sketches (1890), p. 71)

Symptoms of a Bank Holiday   

Chemistry for Countrymen

Symptoms of a Bank Holiday: beau dressed up, putting on smart gloves and 
getting shoes polished by elderly boot boy (who is he going to meet, we wonder?). (Click to enlarge: 21 kB.)

   Chemistry For Countrymen: a guard in Whitehall chases a boy who is wearing his Bearskin hat, as the boy runs away saying " 'Yat a larks!". (Click to enlarge: 22 kB.)

From Punch, Volume 76, June 1879, p. 253


Accompanying a humorous article in 
, Volume 62, 22nd June 1872, p. 255; 
also reproduced in Blackburn's biography 
"R Caldecott: his Early Art Career", 1886, p. 31.
This was Randolph's first published picture in Punch.

Good Times for Dunces

Good Times For Dunces (school master with cane, a boy cowering behind a blackboard marked 'A School Board'). Click to enlarge.
Accompanying a humorous article in Punch, 8 March 1873, p. 97; also reproduced in Blackburn's biography "R Caldecott: his Early Art Career", 1886, p. 51.

We are most grateful to Peter Roberts of PRBooks, , who kindly found and scanned all the examples on this page for us.

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