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Randolph Caldecott cartoons published in "Punch"

We know of 13 drawings or cartoons by Randolph Caldecott which were published in Punch between 1872 and 1883.  By 1882, Randolph's illustrations were so well-known that Punch published parodies of them: one by Harry Furniss appeared on the page immediately following the "Q.E.D.!" drawing reproduced below.  Indeed, Randolph's Picture Books were still sufficiently well-known almost 50 years after his death that Punch published a parody of "The Three Jovial Huntsmen" (with satirical allusions to then-current politicians) in December 1933.

(Click on any picture for a larger version.)

An Innocent Offender (one of 3 R C half-page drawings in Punch's Almanack for 1880)

Click to enlarge (63 kB)

"What is all this about?  Why, it is against the Law to carry Plants of any kind, alive or dead, into Italy, and the Officials at the Italian Dogana (Custom-House) near Mentone have just been told that an English Gentleman, with a Rose in his Button-hole, has strolled by, towards Ventimiglia. So they are after the unsuspecting Criminal!"

(The Engraver's signature, "Swain", can be seen at bottom left.  Caldecott's initials, "R C", have probably got truncated from the bottom right of this copy which was difficult to scan.)

Rodney Engen describes this as the first Caldecott illustration which uses the style of social satire of his associate, George Du Maurier.

"Q. E. D.!"  (Half-page drawing from Punch, 16 Dec 1882, p. 287)

Click to enlarge, especially if the Placard isn't clearly readable (47 kB)

"Elderly Inquisitive Gentleman (very near-sighted):  'Dear me!  What has that Man got on his Coat?  I really must - '  [Approaches quite close to read the Placard ...... The Horse explains!"

Winter With Us / Winter With You, "from our Ironical Artist at Cannes"
(Half-page pair of illustrations from Punch's Almanack for 1879, pp. 4, 5)

WinterWithUs.jpg (99253 bytes)  WinterWithYou.jpg (110517 bytes)

We are most grateful to Peter Roberts of PRBooks, , who kindly found and scanned all the examples on this page for us.

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