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Marian's Will

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Abstract of the Will of Marian Harriet Caldecott

of 2 Vale Royal, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
widow  dated 26 March 1931.

I appoint Sydney Pitt of 16 St. Andrew Street, Holborn Circus in the City of London solicitor and John Randolph Anthony of 7 Sansome Place, Worcester Esquire to be my Executors.

I bequeath the following legacies:

600 each to my cousins Mabel Brind, Florence Ann Brind and the Rev. Walter H. Brind all of the Rectory, Brampton Abbotts, Ross on Wye.

100 each to Maud Hinde and Grace Hinde both of the Garden Cottage, Rock Villa Road, Tunbridge Wells.

The picture of "A shepherd and sheep" at Cap Martin, Mentone, painted by my late husband which was given to me by Mr. Horace Mann, to the Rev. Alfred Caldecott of Great Oakley, Harwich.

I bequeath all other pictures painted by him or which were written about him or his work to the Rev. Alfred Caldecott aforesaid, Clement Caldecott of 44 Gerald Street, Wrexham and my nephew the said John Randolph Anthony or such of them as shall survive me, and if more than one to be divided in equal shares as nearly as is possible. Any question as to such division shall be determined by the said John Randolph Anthony whose decision shall be binding.

If any of these three legatees die in my lifetime leaving children living at my death, then such children shall take equally the share which his or her parent would have been entitled to.

I leave all residue to my Executors to sell and to divide the proceeds equally between The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital, Euston Road, London and Miss Sheppard's Annuitants Homes, 27 Ovington Street, London.

Witnesses Ernest W. Johnson, 4 Nevill Park, Tunbridge Wells, gentleman: Jessie Johnson his wife.

{Signatures here}

Whereas in my will I left the picture "A shepherd and sheep" to Alfred Caldecott, I direct that if he predecease me this picture shall be bequeathed to Randolph Caldecott Anthony.

I bequeath to John Randolph Anthony my corner cupboard and the furniture and contents of the house at which I reside except such articles as are specifically mentioned in my will.


I bequeath to the said Alfred Caldecott, Clement Caldecott and John Randolph Anthony 20 each.

Witnesses S. Willis, 2 Vale Royal, Tunbridge Wells, married woman: C. Whittington, 2 Vale Royal, spinster.

Marian Harriet Caldecott of 2 Vale Royal, Tunbridge Wells, widow died on 12 June 1932 at 7 Lonsdale Gardens, Tunbridge Wells.


Her will with a codicil was proved on 10 August 1932 by the Executors named.

Gross value of Estate sworn at 13,843-17-9: net value of Personal Estate at 13,750-13-2 on 10 August 1932.

Resworn at 13789-12-9.


[We are very grateful to Susan Brind, who in her researches into the history of the Brind family obtained this Abstract and sent it to us.  KA, 9 July 2001.]
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