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About Kenn Oultram, our Secretary

Kenn Oultram:
has for 32 years been secretary of the Lewis Carroll Society which he founded in Daresbury (Cheshire) in 1970…. 
And secretary for 20 years of the Randolph Caldecott Society which he founded to honour the 19th Century Cheshire-born children’s book illustrator ….
He addressed the Randolph Caldecott Society of America in St Augustine, Florida….
He manages a Cheshire Cattery, having devised a Cheshire Cat literary trail (he's a founding associate member of the north-west tourist board), 
looked after the pet moggies of Carnegie-medal winning children's author Robert Westall, 
and financed and donated a trophy produced from local rock salt to the Cheshire Cat Show…
He introduced an "Alice" (local little girls) to accompany him on his literary tours… 
has booked guest speakers to Cheshire from Australia, Japan, Russia, France, Holland and the USA 
and persuaded the Pied Piper of Hamelin with a civic delegation to entertain Cheshire schoolchildren…
He donated a trophy to Scruffts Dog Show for a Jumble (Just William's pooch) lookalike, 
sponsored a walkboard on Southport's renovated pier to Nathaniel Hawthorne 
and a plaque to John Ruskin at Winnington Hall in Northwich, his home town… 
He organised a 150th birthday party in Manchester honouring Frances Hodgson Burnett… 
and was responsible for having "Alice in Wonderland" translated into Manx and Liverpudlian Scouse….
He has the largest private collection of children’s cookery books in the U.K.

(Source: Alliance of Literary Societies, Oct 2002.)

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