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Friendship of dog and man based on Bones. (Click to enlarge, 55 kB)
The dog and man at first were friends... (from The Mad Dog)

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Caldecott, Alfred D.D. (Sat 9 Nov 1850, 01:50-1941)
Caldecott, Amelia Guest (20/7/1866 (Fri) 00:35-1946)
Caldecott, Caroline Selina (-)
Caldecott, Charles Marriott E.I.C.S. (-)
Caldecott, Charles Thomas (-)
Caldecott, Clement Guest (10 Jul 1860 (Tue) 01:35-1935)
Caldecott, Constance Guest (4 Aug 1863 (Tue) 00:15-14 Nov 1926)
Caldecott, Eleanor St. George (23 Apr 1900 (Mon) 14:30-)
Caldecott, Elizabeth (Fri 30 Nov 1849, 16:15-13 Jan 1850)
Caldecott, Florence Guest (10 Jul 1860 (Tue) 02:05-1930)
Caldecott, Francis James (-)
Caldecott, Harold (Wed 14 April 1852, 19:15-11 Sep 1871)
Caldecott, John (30 May 1813-17 Dec 1875)
Caldecott, John Alexandra (-)
Caldecott, John George (23 Jun 1843-19 Jun 1879)
Caldecott, Josiah Guest (11 Jan 1856 (Fri) 08:10-1892)
Caldecott, Margarette Elizabeth (-)
Caldecott, Maria (21 Oct 1857 (Wed) 05:30-28 May 1876)
Caldecott, Randolph (-)
Caldecott, Randolph (22 Mar 1846 21:45-12 Feb 1886)
Caldecott, Sophia (6 Feb 1848-23 Apr 1929)
Caldecott, Sophia Catherine (-)
Caldecott, William Brookes (31 Aug 1844-27 Aug 1846)

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