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Chelsfield, Kent

The Brind family lived here, in a house whose grounds lead to the Parish Church, with their own private gate to the church.

BrindsHse_03604.jpg (28744 bytes) BrindsHseBackWell.jpg (50139 bytes)
The Brinds' family home as at June 2003.
Compare this with Randolph's picture:
click here.
Rear of Brinds' home, with well.

The Brinds' well...

It is so deep that when a stone was dropped into it, the sound of the stone's landing at the bottom took 7 seconds to reach us.  The scientists among us therefore know the depth of the well: - ? (click here for answer)
Allow 6.5 seconds for the stone to fall and another 0.5 seconds for the sound to travel back to us.
Distance = g t2 where g = acceleration due to gravity = 32 ft/sec/sec and t = 6.5 sec.
Hence, depth of well = 676 feet = 210 metres approx.
BrindsGdnChelsfield.jpg (68711 bytes) ChelsfieldChFmBrindsGdn.jpg (65605 bytes)
The garden of the Brinds' house as it is today. Chelsfield Parish Church, viewed from the Brinds' 
garden next door.  Visible at bottom centre 
of picture is the gate+ through which Marian went 
on the day of her wedding to Randolph.

+: For Randolph Caldecott's picture of the other side of this gate (from The Owls of Olynn Belfry), click here.
Chelsfield Parish Church, Kent

DAKA_03604.jpg (123 kB)

Chelsfield Parish Church David Anthony (Randolph Caldecott's great-nephew)  
and Keeling Anthony (Randolph's great-great-nephew 
and David's cousin)

standing outside Chelsfield Parish Church, June 2003.
BiblicalFarmImplement.jpg (163008 bytes) FarmImplmtDetail.jpg (22477 bytes)
This farm implement, with its Bible text*, was in the grounds beside the church.

*: "And I pray that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ..." - Ephesians 3 vv 17-18.

For more about the history of Chelsfield village, we recommend -

"Chelsfield Chronicles" by our member Geoffrey Copus, published 2003.  Annals of a Kentish parish, 1450 - 1920.  ISBN 1 872886 01 9.  Paperback, size A5 approx., 180 pages, illustrated plus map.
Copies are available from the author, price GB11.50 inc P&P.  Send your name & address and cheque payable to "G Copus" to him at 17 Oakdale Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8DS.
(If ordering from abroad, phone him on +44 1892 523 991 to find out cost of P&P to your country and to agree how to pay so as to minimise currency conversion costs.)

Up Kemsing Chelsfield

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