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5th January. - I chose the weapons - whips.  Snow had fallen in the night.
We fought from 8.37 to 10.14 am.  Feel quite sore.

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Heard a ghost.  Found it to be old Mr. Portsdown ogling the family portraits.

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6th January. - To avoid becoming a maker of strife left Marley Hall - laden with letters for town.  The Squire asked me for next Christmas.

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6th January. - Fleet Street again. Dined at old place - principally off her miniature.  Will write tomorrow.

Two years after this story was published, The Graphic published its sequel: "Diana Wood's Wedding".  This included the very large and intricate picture of her wedding procession which is reproduced, in miniature form, on our "Greetings Cards" page: click here.

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