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27th, 28th and 29th December
. - Snowed up.  Innocent indoor recreations, music, flirtations &c.  Diana Wood is a fine girl.

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2nd January. - Snow nearly gone.  Squire Mallow (the county buck) saw a chance of shining, and sent for his hounds today.  Found a fox in the laurels.  I took the lead (to Mallow's disgust) and gave it to Diana.

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Had to admonish Mallow about riding dangerously close behind me over fences.

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Pleasant ride home with Diana.

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3rd January. - There is no doubt about Diana being a fine girl - has very pretty manners too - (must be careful, Carlyon my boy!).  Today Mallow disturbed us when I was reading to her.  He looked fierce and banged the door.  Believe he is a suitor.

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4th January. - Business old gentleman waited on me with challenge from Mallow.  Choice of weapons with me, of course.

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