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Breton Folk

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Breton Folk: an Artistic Tour in Brittany, by Henry Blackburn (1880) was one of the travel books which Randolph Caldecott illustrated.  Randolph accompanied Henry Blackburn on three journeys to Brittany, and on the last of these they were joined by Randolph's wife Marian (they had got married that year).

This picture from it is especially interesting to us, because it is believed that the lady on the right is Randolph's wife Marian.

Dancing the Gavotte, by Randolph Caldecott

The Gavotte, a country dance.  (Breton Folk, facing p 96. )

We had hoped to retrace some of Randolph's steps in Brittany, in Autumn 2004, but sadly this has had to be cancelled.  For details (and more pictures from the book), click here.

Pont Aven, Brittany, by Randolph Caldecott

Pont-Aven.  (Breton Folk, facing p 130.)

For Randolph's sculpture "Horse Fair in Brittany", click here.

Two more pictures from Breton Folk are on our page about the Brittany Tour which didn't happen: click here.
For the often-reproduced "Sketching Under Difficulties", also from Breton Folk, see our "Genealogy Surnames" page: click here.

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